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International Folk Dancing
in Dayton and Ohio

This page last updated on 9/18/2017

Welcome to a page devoted to bringing you information on folk dancing in Dayton, Ohio.
This site is being recovered due to hardware failures and the server administrator's stroke thank you for your paitence. As time and space permits, I'll also bring you info on other arts & culture in Dayton (especially those friendly to folk dancing), and links to dancing within easy driving range from Dayton (Central & Southwestern, Ohio) and the rest of Ohio as I find them.

If you know of any links that fit in this list, please let me know! ( Mail to Leslie)

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll be back soon!

Folk Dance Groups in the Dayton, Ohio area

Other Arts and Culture in the Dayton, Ohio area

Folk Dance Groups in the Yellow Springs, Ohio area

Folk Dance Groups in the Cincinnati, Ohio area

Folk Dance Groups in the Columbus, Ohio area

Cleveland / Akron / NE Ohio Folk Dance Links

Other Ohio Folk Dance Links


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